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Based on your country of residence there could be possibility of applying for your visa through services of third party (Iranian travel agencies or any Iranian as sponsor). Keep in mind, the travel agencies play the role of host for you and they get only visa application reference number on your behalf. Then, you can collect your visa from an embassy/consulate or on the entry points to Iran:

A: It is recommended to get your visa through an Iranian travel agency, it not only takes shorter time (maximum 14 working days, for Americans, British and Canadians [sometimes] up to 40 days), but also saves you the trouble of more paperwork.

B: To use travel agency visa services, you have to pay them an amount that varies depending on the agency.

C: You should write the reference number on the second form to be filled out in the embassy/consulate when collecting your visa.

D: Any Iranian can be your host and follow up your paperwork.

E: Passport Validity:

In order to apply for visa, your passport should be valid for at least six months from your travel date. Hence, your request will not be processed if your passport expires in less than six month.

F: Visa Validity:

Validity of visa is displayed on the visa sticker. If you fail to travel to Iran during the validity of visa, you will be prevented from entering Iran and hence you will need to re-apply for a visa.

G: Visa Eligibility:

Permission to enter Iran remains at the discretion of Iran Foreign Ministry.

Israeli citizens and those with an Israel visa/stamp in their passports (either valid or expired) cannot get an Iranian visa under any reason.

H: Changeable Ruling:

This information is subject to change at any time without prior notice from Iran Foreign Ministry. Nevertheless, changeable advice its best to provide accurate information based on publicly available data at the time of publication.

All nationalities are welcome to Iran. The only exception is citizens of Israel.

# All foreign visitors require a visa to enter Iran.

# All European Union passport holders can travel independently in Iran and can get 30 day visa on arrival (this cannot be extended).

UK & US passport holders are not able to obtain independent travel visas for Iran.  "Should have an Itinerary or an ‘official’ guide during their Trip in Iran.

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